Our E-Metrotel Products

Businesses today need to save money and do more with less. E-MetroTel’s UCx range of communications systems are a cost effective solution for your business. Supporting a wide array of business features, new SIP compliant devices, SIP trunks AND Nortel heritage IP & Digital phones, there is a fit for all small and medium business requirements.

Also UCx is a cost-effective next-generation Nortel Norstar, BCM, SCS500, M-1 and CS 1000 PBX replacement solution, supporting both IP and traditional digital & analog technologies simultaneously, making your migration to SIP based VoIP deployment that much easier. It also means you can start benefiting from the latest technologies while leveraging your existing investments.

Nortel Phone System: Nortel CS1000 , Nortel BCM50, Nortel BCM450

CS1000 and BCM PBXs are unsupported by Avaya. Business are replacing their Nortel Phone Systems with E-MetroTel UCX. UCX has been designed and created by the same engineers that had worked on CS1000 and BCM PBXs. 

Galaxy Mini

SMB Powerhouse. Extremely cost effective SMB communications. Designed as a standalone in-office server or as a survivable gateway for cloud hosted customers. It is compact in size but don’t be fooled, it supports the key features and applications that your office needs.

Galaxy 250

Our Mid-Sized Business Overachiever. Galaxy 250 is our best selling appliance. Designed as a standalone in-office server or as a survivable gateway for cloud hosted customers. Its compact size may hide its power, but don’t be fooled, it supports everything that your office needs – from voice, to call center, to work from home.

Galaxy UCx3000G

Large Office Solution – Up to 2400 extensions. 
Fully networkable with redundant capabilities.

UCx Cards

E-MetroTel UCx telephony interface cards deliver the connectivity Enterprise business communications systems require in a unified communications environment, helping power new business applications that enhance user experience while delivering a lower total cost of ownership.

UCx Multi-site

UCx Multi-site capability delivers simple, cost-effective communications across multiple Enterprise locations.  Benefit from true unified communications across all sites regardless whether you are located at the head office or at a branch location.  For today’s mobile workforce, employees can now use any phone in any location and enjoy all of the same UCfeatures they need to be productive, anywhere, anytime. UCx Multi-site capability gives Enterprises the flexibility to network unlimited users across unlimited sites.

Call2Teams TM

Connect any PBX phone system in minutes.

Call2Teams™ is a simple add-on to Office 365 that connects any PBX phone system with Microsoft Teams in minutes allowing making and receiving work calls on any device using the Microsoft Teams App.

One Platform, All Communications

Experience the ultimate convenience of doing business anywhere, on any device with S-Series VoIP PBX to work with Yeastar Linkus UC softphone and Linkus Cloud Service. Gain the advantage over your competition by combining voice, instant messaging, conferencing, presence, and more…all from one single platform.

Infinity 5000 Series Telephones

Infinity 5010 is optimized for executive use for major decision makers and those needing more programmable buttons.Infinity 5006 is optimized for knowledge workers, contact centre agents, and those needing fewer programmable buttons.The 5046 expands the functional capability of your 5010 or 5006 device.

Infinity One Group Messaging

Leverage the power of your team by combining our powerful Mobility, Presence, Private Chat and Contact Centre solutions.

Infinity One Softphone

WebRTC stands for “Web Real-Time Communications,” a technology focused on embedding real-time communications, such as voice, directly within web browsers. The new UCx WebRTC client allows users to enable real-time communications from a web browser directly with from their UCx system. 

Supported Third Party Phones

Nortel Phone Systems are outdated and unsupported by Avaya. Also, the cost of maintaining Cisco Phone Systems is crazy high. Many businesses are switching to UCx, an Open Standard VoIP Phone System. UCx supports Nortel and Cisco phones. Whether you require support for Nortel IP phones such as the popular 2002 and 2004, 1140E or 1220 models, or legacy digital phones, such as the Nortel Norstar and BCM T7208 and M2616 models, UCx easily meets the challenge. 

HARC - Active / Standby

High Availability Replicated Configuration (HARC) is a software feature that creates UCX redundancy in a cluster of two UCX instances designated as Active and Standby.

If the primary (Active) server is not available or if there is failure at any UCX component software level then the secondary (Standby) server will take over the call processing for new calls. In the event a Standby server takes control of the registration point, it becomes the Active UCX server.