Infinity One client: Connect Collaborate Chat Talk Announce Your Presence

All included for every user.

Leverage the power of your team by combining our powerful Mobility, Presence, Private Chat and Contact Centre solutions.

With UCX Contact Centre you can route incoming calls to the proper group or person.

Communicate with everyone, from your office with your desk phone, or from anywhere in the world with Infinity One WebRTC.

Chat and collaborate with everyone on your own PRIVATE and Secure chat server with Infinity One Chat.

Infinity One Chat – Provides an enterprise level messaging solution with presence, and a feature set comparable to other popular commercial offerings. All on your own private server. This allows you to keep your chat conversations secure and private.

The Infinity One Chat feature set includes…

  • Multiple channel types (public, private, direct messaging)
  • Favorite channels
  • @mentions with audible and badge notifications
  • Messaging Presence with override)
  • Message editing, pinning, starring, deleting
  • 30 slash commands (create room, invite user, …)
  • Autolink and preview urls
  • Drag and drop file update with image and video preview
  • Emoji support with picker
  • Message reactions
  • Unread message handling


  • Customizable Role and Permission system
  • Basic Bot experimental support
  • Code syntax highlighting
  • Profile editing and admin pages
  • Easy configuration
  • Peer to peer WebRTC Video
  • Peer to peer WebRTC Audio
  • Presence adapters for on-the-phone presence with the UCx

With More Coming

  • Email and SMS notifications
  • OTR (off the record) Conversations
  • Live chat feature
  • 3rd party integration (web hooks, Rest API)
  • BitBucket
  • Github
  • Jira
  • OAuth and LDAP
  • XMPP Integration
  • Internalization
  • UI theming

Infinity One WebRTC Mobility – Provides mobility and in-office communication. Stay connected with FULL FEATURED telephony from anywhere. Supports all UCX features and applications including Peer to Peer Video, Contact Centre and up to 120 programmable buttons. .

Platform And Device Choice

Use the WebRTC client on your PC, Laptop, Android Tablet, or your Android Mobile device.

And since the client is browser based with no software app to load you can log into WebRTC from ANY computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile device.